We believe that by encouraging personal and professional growth, our Associates will exceed their expectations with the benefits being realized by all, VRED by Ginés & Baldwin have the confidence in people, when we can extend opportunities then only careers are built.

We must be REALTORS® who through the daily operation of our own successful experiences and company, discovered how to be dedicated, compassionate, and successful. We must be people that are goal achiever, following a culture and a belief in people systems in action.



We become advocates for customer service, professionalism, ethics, associate leadership and continuing education. Our goals and ethics are to be expected as the highest in the industry, and we are the first to admit that we will do anything in our power to achieve just that.
Quite simply, the VRED® goal is to help you build the strongest real estate business. We want you to become associated with the exceptional real estate sales people in our industry.


What makes VRED® unique is our focus on who is our customer, clients, and partners (you /our associates). This means we like you to be a part of us, from how decisions are made, to our partnership opportunities. Everything about VRED® is unique because the company is built giving consideration to how far our associate’s goals can stretch in their careers.
We have confidence in people when we can extend opportunities then only careers are built on this philosophical foundation. We believe that if we concentrate in you, then you will forever be successful as well as we the company.



The VRED By Ginés & Baldwin, LLC, is more than just a real estate company, with a New Way of Life in Business and Attitude is a Local multifaceted Real Estate organization comprised of a cohesive group of an experienced connected Broker - Owner, with Associates Brokers, License Real Estate Sales Persons, Mortgages Brokers, attorneys and Contractors who specialize in all phases of default management and servicing of any distress home to turn into anyone’s dream ready to move home. We work directly with banks, financial institutions, servicers, outsourcers, lenders, investors, developers as well as individuals.

We envision a participation and collaboration within our organization, where industries come together to transform our culture and reignite the fundamental entrepreneurial spirit of small business.


We strive to enhance the wellbeing of communities through education and by working collaboratively with local county and local organizations who assist individuals with sustainable home ownership programs.

Who we are as members

Our members believe in commitment to services, We, love what we do, and that excitement is the source of our commitment to services. We believe in honesty, respect and honorability in and of our membership. We take responsibility to live the core values that make our organization unique.


The following are the main objectives for Virtual Real Estate Designs by Gines & Baldwin® (VRED by Gines & Baldwin®):

We are more than a real estate company looking for business and success. We are human beings, that listen, care, are dedicated, and compassionate people who are goal achiever, follow culture and a belief people system in action. We are REALTORS® who through the daily operation of our own successful experiences and company, discovered how to be dedicated, compassionate, and successful. We uncovered a better way of life for ourselves, families and our associates. We are willing to invest some of our own earnings dollars right beside yours, and we are dedicated, just as you are, to providing the best service to all our clients and customers.


Therefore, one of the primary focus of VRED® is always to help, comfort, and please our fellow man.  Our clients will be the first best interests and wellbeing truly come first.  It will be no stone left unturned in our attempt to accomplish all their real estate objectives.  Even if we disagree, they will understand that our recommendations are our sincere professional solutions to their real estate needs. 

Our clients will appreciate that our main goal, besides helping them achieve all their real estate goals, is to make them so ecstatic about their real estate experience that they become our ambassadors of goodwill and are compelled to refer Our Team of Realtors and Associates Brokers whenever anyone mentions real estate.