VRED is more than buying and selling. 

We are invested in our buyers’ happiness, and we are visionaries when it comes to seeing a home’s full potential. 


For Buyers

What begins as an affordable fixer-upper can become a dream home with the right team behind the transformation.


During our ongoing collaborative process with our buyers, we facilitate everything from financing to furnishings. 


Our team of experts aligns our buyers with the right renovations to create their dream home at a price they can afford. It’s a great way to get the home you want, in the neighborhood you want at an affordable cost.


We use our training and technology to track local home markets in communities across the region. We know which markets are hot and when buyers are motivated to sell. And we have our fingers on the pulse of non-traditional methods of finding and buying prime properties at great prices, such as foreclosures and auctions.


In addition, we offer our full 3D Interior Design and layout, which includes all the furnishings and components necessary for the Client's dream home.  Some of these aspects are floor planning, restructuring, amenity placement, delivery and installations; all completed in a timely manner with the best expertise in quality and craftsmanship. What is seen through the 3D virtual design and experience can be purchased through our own vendors and placed as seen within the purchased property. The possibilities are endless when it comes to buying a home through Virtual Real Estate Designs by Gines & Baldwin®. 

Our commitment to you ensures that you will feel comfortable, informed, and relaxed in what can be a stressful time. Let us show you all the ways we can put you first."


You can trust the VRED team to take you from first look to closing day to opening the front door of the home you’ve always wanted.


For Sellers

And for the seller client, Vred by Gines & Baldwin® advocates on the seller's behalf to increase the necessary "buyer's appeal" and resale value. This is achieved through accentuating the property's best features and showcasing it in its best light for the sale. One of the ways to achieve this is through Home Staging, as described above.  We will highlight the property's strengths, downplay the shortcomings, and make it appealing to the greatest number of prospective buyers. More than ever, good photographs of the property are critical as initial shopping is done through the web and MLS. One of the most important results of our services is that the property will be prepared for photography.


If the Client chooses, Vred by Gines & Baldwin® will stage the Client's home and get it ready to sell by using their existing furnishings and accessories.  Attention is paid to detail.  Home staging is a proven way to increase the resale value, encourage higher offers and enable a faster sale.  This process of preparing the property for sale by setting the scene creates immediate interest.  One of our goals is to help the Client sell an existing home and get the highest amount so they are able to move on to their "dream home."  Budgets vary, so we will offer a variety of solutions to accommodate all budgets.


Our Promise

All projects are overseen during work days by the Brokerage, so the client doesn't have to give up their precious time to coordinate and organize the construction and remodeling of the property they've invested in.

Vred by Gines & Baldwin® will seek to provide these services in the timeliest manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to 100% customer satisfaction. 


Our Mission

The mission of Virtual Real Estate Designs by Gines & Baldwin® is to change the way all Brokers do business by increasing the dream of affordable homeownership in the Capital District Area and providing top-quality interior and exterior residential and commercial services, all under one roof. We will help clients to make their dream home become a reality, possibly by purchasing a "fixer-upper" at a lower price, and designing and remodeling it to fit their needs, also to improve the look and financial viability of the Capital District as a whole.